Dewel Anti Flea & Tick Insect Mosquitoes 8 Months Protection Waterproof Long Lasting Dog Collar

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Dewel Anti Flea Tick Insect Mosquitoes 8 Months Protection Waterproof Long Lasting Dog Cat Collar

Type: Dog Cat Collar
Collar Type: Anti Flea & Tick Collar
Material: PVC
Protective time: 8 months
Expiration Date (If always sealed): 2 years
Size: Dog/ Dog&Cat Style: About 63.5 cm/25in
         Cat Style: About 33 cm/13in

- Long-term Protection Normal conditions: this product up to eight months (even in water).
- Safety & non-toxic: This collar removes insects such as fleas and mosquitoes by immersing them for several months with plant extract. It is safe for pets and humans.
- Waterproof & Lightweight: This collar, which removes this fleece, is waterproof design and it is not necessary to remove the collar when the pet is taking a bath. Besides, it is light and it is not a burden on dogs and cats.
- Adjustable: This collar can be adjusted by the size of your love pet. If it is too long, you can cut the extra length.
- Target: It is a cat, a dog for 8 weeks or more. If the pet is sick, pregnant, or elderly, please ask your veterinarian before using it.
- Because the skin of the pet is different, some pets may have allergies. About one week, please observe the pet's situation. If there is an abnormal reaction, please stop using it.

Package Include:
1 x Anti Flea Tick Collar

 - Please allow a little difference of size because of manual measurement.
 - Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little different from what you expect, please allow it.

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- Question: what is the active ingredient?
  Answer: It is made in natural herbal ingredient wont impair dog'health.
- Question: Does it smell?
  Answer: Not too much.
- Question: How long does it last?
  Answer: Theoretically 5 months, I always reinforce it with a spray or with pipettes.
- Question: Can you keep a necklace 8 months without wearing it and then it will be in perfect condition?
   Answer: If you put it in its bag, nothing happens to it.
- Question: What can against?
  Answer: Larvae , Ticks , Lices , Mosquitoes , Fleas and so on.
- Question: The Size?
  Answer: The dog size about 63.5 cm ,the cat size about 34.5 cm , it can adjust .

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