Portable Dog Water Bottle 3 In1 Feeding Water Cup Outdoor Travel Pet Feeder Dispenser

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Portable Dog Water Bottle 3 In1 Feeding Water Cup Outdoor Travel Pet Feeder Dispenser

Type: Dog Water Bottle 
Material: ABS
Weight: 9oz
Color: Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue
Size: 26.7*9.7*9.4cm/ 10.5*3.8*3.7in

- The integrated arc design of the drinking trough and the cup body conforms to ergonomics, is convenient for one-handed operation, and feeds water more easily, 360 inversion does not leak. The top lanyard design is easy to carry.
- Equipped with a large button water outlet switch, easy to water in one second, high reliability and good safety. The button is placed at the bottom to lock the water with one button, built-in silicone sealing ring, double waterproof and leak-proof design. Or press and hold the water button and stand the cup upright to make the remaining water flow back into the cup.
- 300ml large water storage capacity, 0-type direct drinking wide sink design, wide-mouth drinking, conforms to your dog's oral structure, and will not spill, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small dogs to use outdoors for a long time.
- Attached poop collection shovel: when not in use, it is buckled on the cup body, when in use, it is directly removed and put on a garbage bag for use, which is safe and sanitary, and will not pollute the environment.
- Poo garbage bag storage function: a portable garbage bag is placed at the end of the water cup, and it can be gently pulled when using it. Convenient and fast.
- This product is made of healthy and environmentally friendly food-grade ABS+PC materials, with a smooth surface, strong and high temperature resistance, and a long service life. Each part can be disassembled and used independently. Easy to clean, each part can be washed directly with water.

Package Include:
1 x Dog Water Bottle 

 - Please allow a little difference of size because of manual measurement.
 - Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little different from what you expect, please allow it.

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